Putting Social Media to Work for Your Coaching Business

How to create a simple and efficient system for marketing your coaching business through social media

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Putting Social Media to Work for Your Coaching Business

Free Courses : Putting Social Media to Work for Your Coaching Business

In this world of smartphones, tablets, and other fast-paced technology, consumers are more easily reached through social media. Many smart business owners and entrepreneurs are now aware of the significance of connecting to consumers online and the impact this has to contributing to increasing profit.

This course will not only help you structure your social marketing to be effective and efficient, but you'll also walk away with several simple-to-use tools to research your audience, subject matter, competition, as well as easy ways to manage your social content from a centralized location.

The course uses a combination of slides and screen-share videos to demonstrate the power and simplicity of creating and managing your own social marketing system to build your business more effectively and efficiently online.

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