QuantConnect Boot Camp in Python

QuantConnect Boot Camp in Python

Free Courses : QuantConnect Boot Camp in Python

In QuantConnects Boot Camp tutorial series youll learn the tools for quantitative trading. Youll build skills in finance, statistics, and software development while learning about QuantConnects API with code-along tasks. After this course, youll be able to implement your own trading strategies in python and have a foundation in robust algorithm design.

Well start out with the fundamentals for individual algorithm creation and move on to building an institutional-grade system using the Algorithm Framework. Youll be able to use its architecture to deploy your own flexible investment strategies.

In each lesson, well code together on QuantConnects integrated development environment to create algorithms that you can backtest and use. Youll manage your portfolio, use indicators in technical trading strategies, trade on universes of assets, automate trades based on market behavior, and understand how data moves in and out of your algorithm.

QuantConnect is one of the largest quantitative trading communities in the world. Part of what makes it so special is the diverse backgrounds in the community. Were so excited to make these skills accessible to you so you can implement your own unique ideas. Hope to see you in the first lesson!

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