Regular Expressions(Regex) - JavaScript - All Levels - 2021

Crack any interview related to Regular Expressions (Regex) with 165+ coding exercises asked in fortune 1000 companies.

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Regular Expressions(Regex) - JavaScript - All Levels - 2021

Free Courses : Regular Expressions(Regex) - JavaScript - All Levels - 2021

When I started teaching regular expression (regex or regexp), there were no sufficient resources! Being in this industry for almost 23 years now, and after exploring an ocean of digital content, I must say - Regex needs to be explained in a more simplified way.

Lets discuss and understand a concept which is very important in the present scenario. Ive seen students and even working professionals getting confused with the basic concepts of Regex. Having said that, I must also mention that Regular expression (regex) can be overwhelming sometimes. It is imperative for you to grasp the core concepts thoroughly at your own pace.

This is where my course will help you to clear your concepts by understanding the fundamentals the way they should be understood. The course will guide and help you in a step by step way to apply regex techniques and reach the desired solution. I have used more than 165+ coding examples to explain the concepts and included advanced level interview questions asked by companies. I will teach from scratch and bring you up to the level of an expert - Guaranteed!

It is best if you work in the JavaScript language as this course is built using JS. However, even if you work in any other language, you can still use this course to learn about regular expressions as the same regex pattern applies to many programming languages.

Connect with me if you have any questions/concerns/doubts and Ill be happy to help you become better at programming. Good luck!

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