Restful Routing with Practical Examples

Restful Routing with Practical Examples

Free Courses : Restful Routing with Practical Examples

Restful Routing with Practical Examples

Understand Restful Routing concept, Work on Real practical examples and Discover online REST APIs


REST was created to bring a level of standardization to development

By using RESTFUL Routes you can be familiar with how data will follow through an application

In this course:

  • The student will learn many concepts in Restful Routing.

  • The student will work on real projects using online REST APIs

  • The student will explore and discover the online REST APIs

  • Online Rest APIs that the student will make projects on are:

    • DuckDuckGo REST API

    • OMDb (Open Movie Database) REST API

    • Mock REST API

Course Language:


  • should have knowledge about HTML.

  • should have experience with Bootstrap.

  • should have a background in programming using Javascript and jQuery

Each practical video comes with a zip file that contains source code so make sure you are doing things right and there are no differences between your source code and the source code among the resources.

I am available for your questions - send me a direct message anytime.

I hope that you find it a helpful RESTful Routing course and that you feel more confident in understanding why you use REST and how you can use it to build your own applications.
I hope you find this course valuable, interesting, and useful.
I hope you enjoy the course and that it helps you in your professional development!

Best Regards.
Instructor: Ahmed Magdy

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