Risk Measurement & Management - Essential Ideas & Concepts

Risk Measurement & Management - Essential Ideas & Concepts

Free Courses : Risk Measurement & Management - Essential Ideas & Concepts

The business world today emphasizes risk management and the protocols used today to measure it. Every organization faces different types of risks. The management of each type in any particular area is an expert domain. Risk evaluators and assessors are needed in every organization in the areas of Quality, Health & Safety, Environment, Finance, Supply Chain, Projects etc. However there is an essential and fundamental framework of measuring and managing risk that is common among all these areas. The course titled as "Risk Management & Measurement - Essential Ideas & Concepts" aims to reveal the essential framework for risk management and a fundamental scale to measure those risks.


Course Composition

You will be empowered to learn the course in following different areas:

  • Understanding Risk

  • Types of Risks for an Organization

  • Different Phases of Risk Assessment

  • Risk Analysis and Risk Evaluation

  • Risk Treatment Process

  • Two Common Components of Risk

  • Occurrence and Severity Ratings

  • The Risk Matrix

  • Risk Measurement


Amazing Offer - Resource Materials: There are free resources which are slides given in each lecture of the course.

Free Implementation Tools: Two implementation tools are also given free in this course.

  1. Risk Management Template

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