SAP for beginners (2021)

Do you want to start your adventure with SAP system? This training is for you ! ENROLL IT NOW !

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SAP for beginners (2021)

Free Courses : SAP for beginners (2021)

- Do you want to start your adventure with the SAP system, but you don't know how to start?

- Are you looking for a job where basic knowledge of SAP is needed?

- Are you going to work with the SAP system?

- Have you learned that the salaries of SAP specialists are very high and you would like to become a SAP consultant or developer?

- do you know that most large companies operate on SAP and you want to get to know this system?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then this training is for you !

This is SAP online training for beginners. I will guide you from basic concepts to working on the system.

The training begins with an explanation of what is a SAP system and what are ERP systems based on the development of a simple business - a flower shop.

The florist sells flowers from his garden at first, and then the business grows. Builds a warehouse and even a production line. He decides to create an HR department and a sales department.

The following sections are based on this example and introduce us to the interesting world of the system.

The training ends with showing on SAP live system how to create basic documents such as material, customer, inquirt, sales order quatation, invoice, billing document, delivery and goods issue.

The training ends with showing the system how to create an SD process.

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