SEO For Local Service Businesses

Learn how to rank your local business website at the top of Google higher than your competition

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SEO For Local Service Businesses

Free Courses : SEO For Local Service Businesses

Welcome to SEO for local service based business, where you will learn to understand the basics of SEO and the steps to start generating traffic to your local business website.

Im Chris Dinham the founder of Summit web which is a digital marketing agency based in Australia.

In this course Ill be showing you .

?What is SEO

?Why SEO better than other digital marketing techniques

?How to research your niche and competition

? Create killer optimised content for your customers

?How to promote it

?Learn some free tools and analyse results

?Specific local SEO techniques

Youll have my real life examples to guide you through every single step.

Ive designed this course for people who have no prior experience with digital marketing SEO or websites.

There is no coding required and you dont even have to own a website.

So if you want to learn how to generate more customers from your local business website then click the start learning now button on the right and Ill see you inside this course.

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