Serverless Twilio Create a complete video call app w/ React

Use Twilio CLI to create and deploy a new Twilio serverless video conference app using React / Javascript / JWT tokens

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Serverless Twilio Create a complete video call app w/ React

Free Courses : Serverless Twilio Create a complete video call app w/ React

Twilio the world's leading cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) that enables you to develop solutions for SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Video, email, and even IoT. Twilio powers communications for more than 190,000 businesses, and enables nearly 932 billion human interactions every year.

In this course, we will leverage some of those capabilities to create a fully functional Video Conference app leveraging Twilio Video Call capabilities and Twilio serverless function to create a fully functional React Video Conference App without the need of any extra services.

In this course we will learn about:

Programmable Video is a cloud platform that allows developers to add video and audio chat to Web, Android and iOS applications. The platform provides REST APIs, SDKs, and helper tools that make it simple to capture, distribute, record, and render high-quality audio, video, and screen shares. Twilio Programmable Video has been built on WebRTC.

Other important details:

Twilio Functions replaces your need to find hosting or stand up a server to serve TwiML or any other HTTP based responses. With Functions, you no longer have to worry about maintaining or scaling web infrastructure - it's all managed seamlessly by Twilio, scaling with your use case.

Other important details:


We will create the front end in React using hooks, such as useState, useEffect, useContext, useCallback among many other custom hooks we will create, to make our application look amazing we will use Semantic UI and to help with the state management we will use Immet

Serverless Function:

Will be created using NodeJS, we will create a JWT token and add grants to it before responding to the front end app.

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