SQL Server Monitoring Techniques

SQL Server Monitoring Techniques

Free Courses : SQL Server Monitoring Techniques

Learn the way to monitor Microsoft SQL server, the course is designed in such a way that helps in understanding Server performance, health , issues , root-cause instantly with fast deep level analytical reports using SQL Planner tool.

You would learn following to do after course completion : 

- SQL Server Monitor , Analyze SQL server Health & find root-cause, receive alerts.

- find root cause of SQL server or database heavy usage

- Storage Analysis

- find root cause Waits

- find root cause Disk Latency

- Several Alerts

- Index Fragmentation Report

- Expensive Query or Procedure Report

- find root cause of deadlock and blocking

You can analyze your MS SQL server as it has following Metric report generation capability : 

  • CPU & Memory Usage reports : SQL process, Non SQL process and Total CPU Usage based on hourly aggregated and per minute wise.

  • IO Usage Analysis : Overall IO Usage by Database , IO Usage by database logical database file , Read ,Write, Latency by DB wise

  • Deadlock & Blockers analysis: Hourly Count , Duration by Database and object wise ,Details of victim Query and Root cause query session at granular level

  • SQL Server Waits analysis: Perform SQL server Waits by Database , Wait Types and Query level

  • Missing Index analysis

  • Expensive Query and Procedure: Easily Generate Reports on expensive SQL Queries, Stored Procedure by overall wise , by IO , by CPU , by Application, by User, by Database etc.

  • Storage analysis : Overall Disk Size utilized vs free space, Databases wise total size growth trend graph, Disk drive usage growth analysis trend

  • Receiving Alerts : receive alerts when your server is down, when database data or log file exceeds to specific size, when CPU / RAM usage exceeds to specific threshold values, SPACE shortage, any word occurrence of errors/warning/terminate/dead in SQL error log found etc

  • SQL Error Log Scan & Report : SQL server Error Log report based on error occurrence , Server connectivity failure or success report

  • SQL Server Agent Job Analysis: SQL Server Agent Job Analysis by duration or historical check Alerts on failure or long running.

  • Always On Monitoring: SQL Server Always On Live & Historical Dashboard to monitor All of AG Groups, Replica Health & Status from All Server. Alerts on failure or Sync Issue.

  • Azure SQL DB Monitoring: Azure SQL DB or PAAS SQL DB complete Monitoring

  • Handover Notes Management: DBA Handover Notes central management, tracking, editing in SQL Planner and same is Forwarded to Email as well

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