Start your own online store now for FREE. (No monthly fees!)

This great course shows you step by step how to avoid ALL setup fees & monthly fees for your zero budget online store

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Start your own online store now for FREE. (No monthly fees!)

Free Courses : Start your own online store now for FREE. (No monthly fees!)


eCommerce Platform used in this course: WooCommerce.

This great course applies to ALL types of Online Stores: eCommerce, Dropshipping, etc.

You do NOT need any money to start your own online store. You can avoid ALL setup fees and monthly fees.

How? See below.

Normally, people need to buy a .com domain name and pay for monthly hosting, etc.

I show you how to avoid all these fees by setting up a free domain name for your online store, and how to host your online store for free, with the self-hosting approach. With my method you only spend money on marketing, e.g. facebook ads.

Benefit? This will save you a lot of money and will make it possible for people who cannot afford the normal online store fees to start their own online stores.

NO setup fees or monthly fees! FREE hosting (self-hosting) + FREE domain name + FREE DDNS service.

This great course is ideal for people who don't have the money/budget to start their own online store. (shopify fees are high). I show you how to AVOID paying for a domain name and web hosting. Many people ask me about this. You don't need any money to set up your own online store. I show you how. You only pay for my course if you didn't get it free, and then you only pay for marketing if you decide to use facebook ads. That's it. No other setup or monthly fees, except for facebook ads.


Thousands of people want to start their own online eCommerce stores but they cannot afford it, they don't have the funds/budget to pay for shopify monthly subscriptions, domain names, etc.


This course makes it possible for people who do not have enough money/funds, to start their own online eCommerce stores.

The course shows you exactly how to create/set up and maintain your own online eCommerce store for FREE without spending ANY money whatsoever. Uses WordPress & WooCommerce to create a top quality online store that is ready to start making sales.

You will learn step by step how to set up the following on your own computer/laptop/desktop/pc, at home:

A free DDNS service for your free domain name, WAMP, SSL/HTTPS, WordPress & WooCommerce all set up together to self-host your online store.

Only spend money on facebook ads, nothing else. This course is perfect for the thousands of people who cannot afford the $29/month Shopify subscription fees. You can always upgrade to Shopify later once you start making lots of sales, if you really wanted to. Even then, WooCommerce is just as good as Shopify, so no need to ever change to Shopify. You can always eventually just upgrade to a VPS cloud hosting service and migrate your WooCommerce store there for highest performance.

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