Super Simple Excel 2016 for Beginners (MS Office 365)

A blended course with exercises - learn as you create a working Gift Budget worksheet step by step with the instructor

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Super Simple Excel 2016 for Beginners (MS Office 365)

Free Courses : Super Simple Excel 2016 for Beginners (MS Office 365)

Super Simple Excel 2016 for Beginnersis a concise course with exercises, aimed at getting you from no knowledge toto creating and using a gift buying budget.Follow along as we create the budgettogether step-by-step.

What type of learner are you?

  • Reading Learnerswill benefit from reading the written step-by-step instructions
  • Writing Learnerswill benefit from using the printablePersonal Quick Reference Guide download sheet as they make their own notes throughout the course
  • Visual Learnerswill love the screen shots and video tutorials
  • Auditory Learnersbenefit from the step-by-step commentary on the videos
  • Kinaesthetic Learnerswill enjoy the hand on exercise at the end of each section as they get their work to the same stage as that part of the course

You are most likely a blend of learning types. Each topic is covered in a way that ensures that every learnergets the maximum out ofthe session.

This course is not a spectator sport; you wont watch hours of video and hope it sinks in. Also, it will take you longer than you might expect if you do it right.We'll start with a new, blank workbook and gradually buildit up until it is ready to run a basic budget for buying gifts. Here's how we'll work together:

  1. You'llread the lesson notes; step by step instructions supported by screen shots
  2. Watch and listen tothe 'how to' video- I tend to talk on these videos as if I'm sitting right next to you
  3. You'll do anexerciseat the end of every section to get your own workbook to the same point as I got to in the lesson. Either do these exercises by following the instructions on-screen or by using the downloadable exercise book
  4. Finally, you'll makemake your own notes, a kind of quick reference guideto refer back to using the 'Personal Quick Reference Guide

If you have a question about a topic just ask in the lesson or in the supporting Facebook Group and I'll answer.

What are you waiting for?Sign up and get started, If you're not delighted you can have your money back, no questions asked.

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