Swedish conversation with Swedish4Real

Swedish conversation with Swedish4Real

Free Courses : Swedish conversation with Swedish4Real

Please note that all spoken content in this course is in Swedish.

Swedish conversation with Swedish4Real is an audio-based Swedish language course for those of you who have familiarised yourselves with Swedish but don't yet feel comfortable in speaking it.

Listen to the original content of 18 stories and follow-up dialogues, adding more complexity for each unit. The course covers most daily situations and topics of life in Sweden, giving you a robust vocabulary to get you comfortably speaking with natives.

This Swedish language course includes more than five hours of spoken Swedish, divided into 18 themes. Listen and partake in simulated conversations in Swedish. It also includes a 150-page PDF transcript in Swedish and English.

Each chapter is based on a theme and consists of four units:

A) Berttelse

In the first unit of each chapter, we read you a very short story, slowly and clearly.

B) Dialog

The second unit consists of questions and answers based on the story, with pauses for you to partake in the conversation.

C) Expansion

The third unit is an expansion of the theme and also contains a conversation simulator.

D) Perspektiv

In the fourth unit of each chapter, we read the original story from a different grammatical perspective.

Listen to the content repeatedly, many times, and let your responses become natural and intuitive. The video lessons include the transcript in Swedish, and there is also a PDF file with the entire transcript in Swedish and English that you can consult when you need to. However, remember that the point of the course is listening and speaking, so dont get too hung up on reading.

After the eighteen chapters, youll have the building blocks you need in order to speak Swedish naturally and automatically, without worrying about getting it right.

We recommend that you listen to each chapter a number of times before moving on to the next. Only you can decide when you feel confident in moving on, but try to make sure that you can comfortably respond to the questions. If staying with the same lesson gets repetitive and boring, do move on and go back to the lesson later on. Although the lessons get more and more complex along the way, you dont necessarily have to listen to them in the right order remember that language learning is about having fun: we believe you learn better that way.

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