Tajweed rules for beginners

Tajweed rules for beginners

Free Courses : Tajweed rules for beginners

this Tajweed rules for beginners is made by TopQuranClasses institute. It is a leading online institute that provides Quran and Arabic classes.

With Tajweed rules for beginners, you will learn how to recite the Holy Quran correctly. Tajweed explains the rules of the Quran recitation.

the Muslim Scholars gathered the rules of the Quran recitation and called them Tajweed. they are very simple but you need to practice every rule you learn.

What are the rules of Tajweed?

Learn Noon Sakinah, Tanween and Memm Sakinah:

Noon Sakinah has 4 rules in the Quran and every rule depends on the letter after it. Tanween and Meem Sakinah have some common rules with Noon Sakinah.

Tanween is already pronounced Noon Sakinah so it simply has the same 4 rules of Noon Sakinah.

Learn Qalqalah:

Qalqalah happens with 5 letters in the Quran when the 5 letters are Sakin or we stop on them.

Learn the lengthening types:

Lengthening has some types in the Quran and we will learn every type and for how many beats to prolong it.

All what you need is to practice the Tajweed rules every day until you can recite the Quran correctly.

this course is made for all levels of learners and its videos are short enough to be easier to be watched many times and to understand every rules.

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