The ABC's of Public Speaking: The Essential Basics

Lessons learned from a TEDx coach & Speaker

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The ABC's of Public Speaking: The Essential Basics

Free Courses : The ABC's of Public Speaking: The Essential Basics

Have you ever watched a TED talk and thought "I want to be that guy"?This course will teach you how to speak like a TEDx speaker! Instructedby aTEDx expert, structuring public speaking, making it easy as ABC! After training dozens of TEDx speakers, organizing several eventsand giving a Talk myself, Iv'efound the best way to teach you how to speak just like a TEDx speaker!

Being a teacher and trainer for more than 15 years I've developed an easy public speaking system I call "The ABC's of public speaking", making public speaking a simple template based process, this course will teach you how to use it.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

*prepare a proper presentation for work, school or a business pitch.

*Streamline your story to create an effective TED like talk.

*Have a structured templates You can use again and again with any public speaking opportunity.

Content and overview

*This course will cover several public speaking techniques bonded together to create one coherent system of preparing any presentation, with or without visual aids, scrips or a stage.

*You will be given the right tools to deal with daily mishaps and technical issues common in public speaking and presentations and how to avoid them.

*You will get the best practicing tools to perfect your public speaking

**This course is not affiliated with the TED conference organization.

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