The beginners guide to coding

The beginners guide to coding

Udemy Courses : The beginners guide to coding

Welcome to the beginner's guide to coding! 

In this course, we're going to explore a lot together. There are three modules (3 mini courses) included in the beginners guide to coding:

  • Web Development Fundamentals: A beginners guide to coding

  • Understanding how websites work, a glimpse into the request/response lifecycle

  • HTML 101: An introduction to web development for complete beginners

First, we'll look at web development fundamentals including common myths about getting into web development, the tools of the trade, getting a coding program installed, and much more.

Then we'll dive into understanding websites and take a look at how websites actually work, what your browser does, and how it all comes together on your computer. We'll look into web requests and server responses as the way computers "talk" to each other.

Lastly, we'll jump into HTML 101 where we'll learn about what HTML is, how it's useful, why we should learn it, and then we'll be writing quite a bit of code.

There are 3 projects one at the end of each module. This will give you hands-on experience every step of the way.

What separates this course from other courses is this is 100% beginner-friendly, there are no assumptions made about your skill level, and I've designed the curriculum to help you learn properly meaning you won't need to take another HTML course if you don't want to you'll be completely set up for success as a beginner web developer.

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