The Good Employee in 10 Plus Points!

Or A guide to Improving Youself as someone on The Job!

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The Good Employee in 10 Plus Points!

Free Courses : The Good Employee in 10 Plus Points!

Hello, my name is John Wing and welcome to my course. This course is for people who are either new employees or who seek to improve themselves as workers in a job. If you fall into any of these categories than congrats! This course is for you. You should take this course because, as someone who has been an employee myself, I have learned through experience and observations on how to improve myself to be a better employee. So I see it fit to help to teach others how to learn lessons that will make you a good employee.

This course will have about ten lessons, plus a bonus lesson. The ten lessons have one overall subject per lesson, but the bonus lesson will have multiple subjects as it is a bonus. This course will include lessons on improving health, productivity, and motivation to do well on the job. Just so you know this course is for beginners, though you might have figured this out from the previous paragraph, but just stating it in case you were not aware. This course does not require outside materials to take it, just bring in your ready and open mind!

p.s. If you would not mind please leave some constructive criticism. I'm new to udemy so I would benefit greatly from it. Thanks!

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