The Recruiting Process Steps: From Job Posting to Job Offer

Understand the "why" behind each step of the process & increase your success in finding the RIGHT person for your team.

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The Recruiting Process Steps: From Job Posting to Job Offer

Free Courses : The Recruiting Process Steps: From Job Posting to Job Offer

The recruiting process has been broken down into 7 bite-sized pieces so that you can understand the purpose behind each step, know what red flags to look for, and use take-away tools to implement the process successfully in your business.

This course was created to increase your confidence and improve your ability to recruit and hire successfully - finding the RIGHT person to fit your team.

Step 1: Creating the Job Ad and Posting Online *Template included*

  • Get into the mindset of the candidate to know what he or she will be looking for immediately when reviewing your ad.

  • Tip: Applicants are more likely to click out of a job ad if no pay is listed.

Step 2: Sifting Through Applicant Resumes

  • Become quicker at reviewing resumes, knowing which candidates should be declined and which candidates would be worth your time.

  • Tip: Identify gaps in employment and make note to ask about those in the pre-screen phone call.

Step 3: Making the Pre-Screen Phone Call *Recommended questions included*

  • Learn what questions are most important to ask in your first 15-minute conversation with the candidate to determine if he or she is worth an hour more of your time.

  • Tip: Ask if the candidate lives within a commutable distance to your company as many candidates dont look closely when applying.

Step 4: Preparing and Completing In-Person Interview #1 *Recommended questions included*

  • Breakdown this step even further into Preparation, Interview, and Review.

  • Tip: End this step by asking the front desk how the candidate acted upon arrival. This will provide insight about how the candidate acts when he or she is not trying to impress you.

Step 5: Reference Checking *Recommended questions included*

  • Understand why this step is vital to the process and will be used to verify resume accuracy.

  • Tip: Instead of asking "What is the candidates biggest weakness? (references often avoid this question), ask What is an area of improvement? to re-frame the question and keep things positive.

Step 6: Preparing and Completing In-Person interview #2

  • Get creative with the final interview and start looking towards the finish line.

  • Tip: Make this a working interview, dinner meeting, or include an aspect of demonstration in the interview to get a new perspective on the candidates personality and knowledge level.

Step 7: Extending the Job Offer or Sending the Decline Email *Decline email template included*

  • There are two options to end the process with a clear outline of how to proceed either way.

  • Tip: Dont allow candidates to extend their offer deadlines by more than a week as they are likely waiting on another offer.

Over the past 5 years, I have worked with dozens of business owners and hiring managers who lack training in the recruiting process. I noticed a major gap in both understanding and implementation so I decided to create a course that would provide a guide to the process - making it easier for the hiring manager and helping him or her go into each step with the right mindset. Recruiting is not just about asking a certain number of questions and finding someone with a personality that you like. Each step has a very specific purpose and knowing WHY you are completing these steps will make the difference between a successful hire and a short-lived fit.

The impact of a poor hire is costly! It affects your company culture and the monetary cost of turnover is thousands and thousands of dollars. If you are inexperienced, untrained, or not confident in the process, I highly recommend completing this course. Youll have access to take-away tools and be able to come back and review this information as needed!

Ill see you inside the course.

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