Theory and research methodology in Accounting and Finance

Vaccine Confidence Index (VCI), Research around COVID-19 and cryptocurrencies

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Theory and research methodology in Accounting and Finance

Free Courses : Theory and research methodology in Accounting and Finance

COVID-19 created a global saddled due to the pandemic of coronavirus and vaccine is believed to be a game-changing tool do end the pandemic. Therefore, the economy could rebound gradually. Public health improvement and hence the growth of economic are relying on COVID-19 vaccine. Prior works has proven that vaccine arrival could boost the outlook of economic and sending new hope to normality and stability (Rouatbi et al., 2021). Further, several studies examined the relationship between vaccine and financial assets. However, none of previous studies explored about vaccine confidence index. Our research constructed new index, named Vaccine Confidence Index (VCI), which derived from dose 1 and 2 of COVID-19 vaccine. Through the videos, the students will be able to understand the entire research process.

This course covers several modules: COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine, and cryptocurrencies; the constructions of VCI; literature review around COVID-19 pandemic indices and blockchain features; data and sample; research methodology; the results, included: VCI validation, ARDL results, robustness results; and conclusions, limitation and suggestions.

The students could accomplish this course in 45-50 minutes and required to answer the quiz as the assessment of this course. Once the students complete this course, they will be able to understand how to conduct research, especially research around COVID-19 and cryptocurrencies.

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