TypeScript, Quick and Easy

TypeScript, Quick and Easy
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Free Courses : TypeScript, Quick and Easy

JavaScript has moved forward in away that not onlyfront-end developers getting more involved with it but also,back-end developers feelusing it to develop all or part of theirapplications is very beneficial.

While ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) has added features ofmodern programminglanguages to JavaScript, TypeScript Programming Languagemakes it even more productive. In fact when you develop your application in TypeScript, at the endyou feel you are able tounderstand most of our own code!

This course is aquick and practical wayto learn TypeScript and by the end of this course not only you have a good knowledge of TypeScript, but also you have a vision where JavaScript programming is going and how the architecture of JS apps is getting changed to be ready for large-scale projects.

In our journey in this course, we will learn main features ofES6, types in TypeScript, class-basedobject oriented programming in ES6 and TypeScript, generics, modules and decorators.

This course can also be considered as a pre-requirement for whom planning to learn Angular 2.0 or getting ready to developmobile apps using thenew ionic framework.

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