Ultimate Course on Massive Goal Setting: NLP Based Course

Purpose driven Goal Setting: From Dreaming to Doing

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Ultimate Course on Massive Goal Setting: NLP Based Course

Free Courses : Ultimate Course on Massive Goal Setting: NLP Based Course

Do you ever dream of your life to be different then what you are living now?

Do you feel victimized and out of control as far as your future is concerned?

Do you feel that the 'Goal setting' and ' life changing' stuff is for big achievers, you are not in that cadre?

If you have the above three opinions I would like to tell you, "Every king was once a crying baby, Every expert was once a novice".

"When you see the rich and successful, Remember, somebody in their family has done the work, Deep Work to change the fortune of the family, to create that Legacy!"

Now I want to ask you, Where you want to be? On this side, just wishing to have this fortune someday? or on the other side, YOU being the person who will CHANGE the destiny of your family?

And, on a serious note, It's just a decision away...

Either you decide to spend your next few months on working up on yourselves and DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!


You keep on grudging, dreaming, wishing, thinking wishfully BUT cursing yourselves and your destiny for not being there.

You are the Creator of your Destiny

If it's gonna be, it's gonna be YOU. I want you to decide and confirm yourselves, where you want to belong to, because "You will be where you belong to...!!"

If you seriously want the Change in life, Raise your standards, be the change-maker then you are at the correct place reading this and thinking weather to enroll for this course or not, and I am here to tell you, this will be the last Goal setting Course you will enroll for!!!

You are destined to be Successful, that's why you are here:

It cannot be a co-incidence that you are here on this course page and reading this description... The Universe is knocking your doors... it's calling you to claim your life... you have been directed here with a Purpose, a Dream in your eyes, a Burning Desire to achieve something that you believe you deserve for yourselves... An answer to all the miseries, inequalities, injustices, sufferings that you have faced so far... It's time to prove you self worth and Make a Decision... Whether you wish to continue grudging, nagging, being mediocre


You decide to be What you Want to be for Yourself, Your Family and Your coming generations?

Take your decision now!!!

How is this course different then the rest?

In a nutshell, I am getting a combination of proven methodologies in this course to serve you with the most assured way that will ascertain your brain towards goal achievement. Remove self doubt. Clear Purpose, Have clear goals and accurate step-by-step guide to how you can start working towards achievement of your goals for life.

A combination of techniques based on Neuroplasticity principles so it can change your brain, subconscious from the core towards not only finding a purpose, setting goals but also the wins that will step by step unfold you to your destiny. Inclusive of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Raikov Effect, The talent Code, The Tony Robbins methodology of questioning, The Ram Verma Visualization methodology, The Time quadrant from Stephen Covey, and much more... to give you the best output by the end of the course.

"Change is inevitable... Abrupt Change is Painful... But Selective Change is Rewarding... Let's Change the way you Change, for better"

What gives me the authority to guide you through this: About your instructor...

Dr. Ashish Nagar PT, has been a NLP Therapist since last 3 years now and a certified NLP coach since last 2 years. He is been consistently working with Wellness NLP since last 3 years and Exclusively with Coaches since last one year. After almost training, mentoring, supervising, guiding, helping number of coaches, he has taken a decision to provide this massive course for the masses.

These are not experimental techniques, i am giving you the gist of all that has helped my coaches achieve their life goals, getting a clear goal chart and the mindset to achieve these goals positively and consistently.

Do not Binge Watch this course! Work it up!

How will it work?

The course has sections arranged systematically to guide you through phases of conditioning. Mental conditioning, Time Prioritization, Goal setting, Chinking down, Removing objections, Belief Change, Value Alignment, Neurological levels of alignment and thereby Planting the Goal Subconsciously in your Brain so that by the end of the course you are no more wishful, but determined with a Mindset that will automatically push you towards your Goals.

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