Unreal Engine 4 for Architecture - Fundamentals Course

Use the Unreal Engine to create beautiful Arch Viz walkthroughs for Virtual Reality

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Unreal Engine 4 for Architecture - Fundamentals Course

Free Courses : Unreal Engine 4 for Architecture - Fundamentals Course

At the end of mycourse

  1. Students will be able to take their Archviz work in 3ds max and transfer them into Unreal Engine 4 to make it 'Playable'.
  2. Students will be able to understand the general workflow of using the unreal engine 4 for their Archviz work.
  3. Understand how to use the unreal engine material editor
  4. Students will know the different lightings available in Unreal Engine 4

Who should take mycourse

  1. 3d Artists, Environment Artists, Interior Designers, Architects, Game developers getting started with UE4.
  2. Not for Advanced Level Unreal Arcvhiz Artists.


  1. Basic 3d Modelling using 3ds max

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