Vital Study for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Vital Study for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Free Courses : Vital Study for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

If you are serious about developing your ideas, do yourself a favor and study this vital series before you do anything else.It will save you a lot of time and a lot ofmoney.

The course is divided into sevenlectures of fresh,vitaland applicable insights and a mini documentaryfeature presentation from a non profit organization that has been helping inventors and entrepreneurs for over 45 years; Learn how to avoid the crippling mistakes and dangerous pitfalls inventors and entrepreneurs face on the way to the marketplace.

- Intro:Green2Gold has a Heart and we will be adding even more Love to your Precious Inventions

-The Pitfalls of Information Seeking

- Crippling Mistakes in Hiring a Coach or a Mentor

- The Merry Go-Round of Paying for Entrepreneurial or Inventor Services

- Money

- Lets talk Funding Temptations

-Has the World Misunderstood Investing? I know the USAhas.

- CaseStudy: Mini Documentary of Green2Gold Inventors & Entrepreneurs

At the end of the series you will have the option of getting a personal GREATIDEA InventionGuidance &Analysisby Green2Gold Expert Prof. Alan Tratner. Contact us when you are ready.

The GREAT IDEA Invention Guidance & Analysisis an in-depth confidential evaluationof your idea, concept, product or invention, enterprise or non profit to determine viability, potential success, intellectual property opportunities, pathways of commercialization, options and next action steps forward.

This video serieswas Written & Created by World Responsible Industries.

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