Vue JS - The Complete Guide

Learn the fundamental concepts of Vue JS and how it works. We understand how to develop full-fledged applications

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Vue JS - The Complete Guide

Free Courses : Vue JS - The Complete Guide

Vue JS may be defined as the javascript framework that is used to develop a single page web application. It is a tool that comes with pre-existing templates that could be edited to create a web application of your choice. It uses JavaScript from simpler to complex level to develop the web application that has several functionalities in one page. It occupied very little space in the server and hence very easy to access. It takes very little time to load in the browser and the most crucial reason for being preferred by everyone.

The Vue JS framework can be downloaded from its official website and has to be run over the server to facilitate application development. You will get the predefined template that you will need to change throughout the code to customize it. The single-page web application codes will be available to you while working with Vue JS that will need your JavaScript knowledge to make the desired changes in the code that will eventually end up reflecting the actual change in the webpage or web application.

It is very easy to work with Vue JS as all it needs is an understanding of JavaScript. It gives you the advantage over Ajax, Angular JS, and so on by keeping the web page less bulky as using technologies like Angular JS offers functionality to the web page but in contrast to it, it makes the web page very bulky which increases its loading time. Though the web application developed using Vue JS has a single page, it has several divisions that have different functionalities. In actual terms, it provides us a platform where we can develop the light web application that could be used efficiently at almost no time.

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