VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition

Learn to code a Landing Page with Vue 3 & Tailwindcss

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VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition

Free Courses : VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition

Vue has become very popular the past years.
Tailwindcss has also become a very popular CSS framework.
This course will introduce you to Front-End development by combining these two amazing frameworks.

Welcome on VueJS 3 & Tailwindcss: Landing Page edition ! My name is Guillaume Duhan, Senior Front-End Developer freelance since 10 years now. I am going to teach you in less than two hours how to create your first Landing Page with Vue & Tailwindcss. I will provide everything you need in order to start with Vue & Tailwindcss. I even designed a template for you: the Porsche Taycan's landing page revisited by myself.

In short, you are going to learn to:

  • Install & configure Vue 3 with Vite & Tailwindcss,

  • Analyze a design,

  • Choose an architecture,

  • Organize your work,

  • Create views & components,

  • Use reactive data, props & methods,

  • Understand Vue context,

  • Completely integrate a design with Tailwind,

  • Use classes, grids and responsive with Tailwind,

  • Build and deploy your project online,

  • Pixel-perfect discipline...

And more.

This course is for absolute beginners. I am going to pass step by step slowly and explain every command that I'll enter. However I'll also show you how to work fast with efficience. Developers must have knowledge but they also need to take decisions quickly. This is why I'll integrate for the first time this landing page under your eyes and with you at the same time.

So if you want to discover Vue & Tailwind let's go together in this amazing adventure, you won't regret it!

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