YouTube Strategic Planning Secrets with Technical Section

HOW TO PLAN YOUR YOUTUBE MARKETING SUCCESS? YouTube from Strategic and Technical point of view. (DEMO Section Included)

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YouTube Strategic Planning Secrets with Technical Section

Free Courses : YouTube Strategic Planning Secrets with Technical Section

The information included in this course is both strategic and technical. That means youll find general marketing advice alongside specific technical instructions.

You will learn how to use YouTube as a marketing tool as well as how to create, post, and manage YouTube videos. If you do it right, YouTube can become an important part of your marketing mix and drive a lot of traffic and sales for you or your company.

Content: Course 1 - YouTube Strategic Planning Secrets:

  1. Course Introduction

  2. Terminology

  3. How Can You Use YouTube to Market Your Business?

  4. What Kinds of Promotional Videos Should You Produce?

  5. YouTube Marketing Strategy

  6. Developing Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

  7. Defining YouTubes Role in Your Marketing Strategy

  8. Who Is Your Customer?

  9. What Does Your Customer Want or Need?

  10. What Type of Video Content Is Best for Your Goals?

  11. Infomercials are a very popular approach

  12. Instructional or how-to Videos

  13. Product Presentations and Demonstrations

  14. Real Estate Walk-Throughs

  15. Customer Testimonials

  16. Company Introductions

  17. Expert Presentations

  18. Company Seminars and Presentations

  19. Comedy

  20. Tips for Producing More Effective YouTube Videos

  21. Remember that you have about five seconds

  22. Use a Teleprompter

  23. Keep your videos short enough

  24. Stay Focused

  25. Keep It Fresh and Updated

  26. Outsourcing Video Production

  27. Tips for Generating Sales

  28. Converting search traffic into suggested traffic

  29. What can you do to get your videos suggested to more viewers?

  30. Tracking Performance of your videos

  31. Why Tracking Is Important?

  32. Planning Future Activities

  33. Measuring Views

  34. Tracking Conversions

  35. Tracking Direct Sales

  36. Marketing Your YouTube Videos

  37. YouTube ads

  38. Target Your Content

  39. Write a Compelling Title

  40. Pick the Best Thumbnail Image

  41. Run a Contest

  42. Collaborate and/or cross-promote with another channel

  43. Connect with social media influencers

  44. Strategy of 30

  45. Tips to get more YouTube views and subscribers

  46. The easiest way to build confidence in your speaking (+ homework assignment)

  47. Getting more Views or subscribers by outsourcing

  48. Sharing YouTube videos

  49. Hide a Video

  50. How to Add Responsive YouTube Videos to Any Website?

  51. Create Creative Video

  52. Prepare a detailed script and do a couple of run-through first

  53. Create Video Playlists

  54. Optimizing Your Videos for Search

  55. Title

  56. Keywords in description

  57. Tags

  58. Audience retention


  60. Subscribers

  61. Likes and Dislikes


  63. Use keywords smartly

  64. Consider using a number in the title

  65. Optimized Video Filename

  66. Always Include a Call to Action in Your Videos

  67. Check Your Audio Quality

  68. YouTube Monetization

  69. YouTube Partner Program

  70. Minimum eligibility requirements to join

  71. Copyright rules

  72. What is Fair Use?

  73. What are Creative Commons?

  74. How can rights holders make copyright claims?

  75. What action does YouTube take for copyright infringement?

  76. Final words

Content: Course 2 (YouTube Masterclass: How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel for Your Business quickly):

  1. Course Introduction

  2. How to choose the right niches for your YouTube Channel?

  3. Create a YouTube Channel from Scratch

  4. How to Verify the YouTube channel?

  5. How to find and download popular and free YouTube videos?

  6. What Software and Sources we need to get started with YouTube?

  7. What Hardware do we need to get started with YouTube?

  8. Video Editing Basics

  9. Video Editing Process

  10. How to upload the video to YouTube properly?

  11. YouTube SEO for Beginners

  12. Promoting your YouTube Channel and Videos for free

  13. Tips, Tricks, and Strategies you must use to grow your YouTube Business

  14. Course assignment

  15. Your Next steps on YouTube Journey

  16. Final words and Thank you

Let's not waste our time. So let's get into it.


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