Amazon FBA Course 2020 - Expert Blueprint to Dominate Amazon

Build and Grow an Amazon FBA Private Label Business on a Budget. An Expert's Complete Guide to Help Dominate Amazon FBA.

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Amazon FBA Course 2020 - Expert Blueprint to Dominate Amazon

Free Courses : Amazon FBA Course 2020 - Expert Blueprint to Dominate Amazon

Create a winning business using Amazon FBA. Tap into almost 20 years of experience from an Amazon FBA expert and successful entrepreneur.

This Amazon FBA course will enable you to start a business and take your business to the next dimension and more importantly avoid the pitfalls that force 99% of Amazon FBA sellers to fail or never reach their potential.

If you haven't already heard about the need to understand Amazon A9, Register a trademark, A+ content, Amazon Launchpad, Amazon Review funnel, etc you are already getting bad advice and setting yourself up for failure. If you want to dominate your Amazon category, taking this course is your first step in the right direction. Isn't it time you learned from the best?

Who is this Amazon FBA Course For?

  • Beginners and New to Amazon? Ill show you how to properly plan, structure, find products and suppliers, build brands, and create a massively scalable profitable Amazon. You cannot start a business from poor advice or people who haven't successfully created and ran a successful business.

    I'll show you how to quickly build a massively profitable Amazon business following a fine-tuned roadmap containing EVERYTHING you need to know!

  • Already Selling On Amazon? I'll show you step by step traffic, rankings, and sales overnight as well as implementing proven strategies to explode your long term sales.

Whether you are a new amazon seller or an existing one, the complete information and worksheets in this Amazon Fba course will guide you step by step through the entire process. You will also have access to me personally to answer any questions or guide you through any problem you may experience.

This Amazon FBA course not only covers the basics such as supplier searches, inventory ordering, marketing and promotion, packaging and premium branding... list building, external traffic sources, etc, but it also provides you with the blueprints to grow and scale your business and take your brand to the next levels.

This Amazon FBA course is a process, it is not a get rich quick scheme. This blueprint will allow your business to grow across multiple amazon marketplaces and even into retail giants if you wish. What limits most Amazon FBA to low monthly sales and no business growth is how they start. Starting without access to the right mentor means your business will never scale and you will lose hundreds of thousands of potential sales.

Who is Your Mentor and Why You Should Choose Me to Help Build Your Amazon FBA Business?

My name is Thomas O'Donoghue, my track record is proven and available for all to see. If you can name it Ive done it. Over the last 20 years, Ive founded, built, and sold multiple companies, brands, and products. Ive even had competitors buy my product and business out. The products Ive created and built, are not just successful on Amazon, but also sit in shops such as Walmart, Costco, etc. These products are successful because of the blueprint I follow. I leave nothing to chance and any product I create has massive potential and can and will go toe to toe with the best in their category. I have no doubt many of you have or will in the future buy products Ive created. The methods and techniques I use to ensure the results.

  • Built three 7-figure/year businesses in media and sport

  • Created multiple brands with 6-figure annual sales on Amazon

  • Successfully scaled multiple businesses from Amazon to retail stores such as Costco, Walmart, and secured nationwide and international distribution agreements on all brands dramatically increasing sales and profit margins.

  • Ive purchased domains in excess of $5000 to tap into search traffic and created almost 50 trademarks

What I Do Not Do or Encourage on this Amazon FBA Course

What I do not do is waste time doing is dropshipping, affiliate programs, selling products for Ali Express, etc. I do not focus on selling one product, while that's ok for starting off only and learning, your plan needs to be better. I do not focus on the "50 hottest selling products on Amazon". Do you remember the Fidget Spinner? Do you have any idea of how many people invested life savings into buying these type products to sell on Amazon and lost everything? The failure rate is 90%+ for a very good reason. The only people making money here are suppliers.

These all quick get rich schemes which will never generate real profit for you and never create a business. I would never work on any project that cannot be scaled or that puts everything down to hope. Nor do I waste time thinking I cannot be a top category Amazon FBA seller. Perhaps I will enter a category as a newcomer, but my intention is always to dominate that category in 12 months and Ill show you exactly how to do this with my proven step by step blueprint to success.

My Failures and What I Learned in the Process

Aside from reward I also know risk and failure. Of course, there have been many problems along the way and Ive learned from each of them and grown. Ive had businesses that never reached the goals I had set, partnerships that failed, and sales and distribution agreements that fell apart and products that never were brought to market where 250,000 had been invested not to mention time. Ive learned not to rely on one avenue of revenue and to understand Amazon is just a sales channel, a great one, and invaluable for learning.

You can imagine that after 20 years in the business Ive seen a lot. It is this very experience and understanding which allows me to steer you in the right direction. Added to that Ive years teaching experience in entrepreneurship and have guided many many businesses to success with the same blueprint Ill be showing you. Ill help you use data to make decisions which dramatically will increase your chances of succeeding.

Other Amazon FBA Courses

I am an Amazon expert when it comes to finding opportunities, creating brands, finding suppliers, and generating Amazon sales. Of course, there are many Amazon FBA courses out there for creating Amazon FBA business. I would charge three times the price of the most expensive one out there because I know the value of my Amazon FBA course.

However, you wont hear them talking about processes and procedures, planning documents, management systems, trademark registration, Brand Identity, Amazon A+, Amazon EBC, Amazon Early Reviewer, Amazon A9b strategy, Amazon Startup program, Amazon Vine, etc. They have never been to the top levels of Amazon. What's more is that none of the above is difficult or costly, and Ill bring you to step by step through it all. Youll see a lack of experience shows by taking shortcuts, missing knowledge, talking about logos, cheat sheets and magic strategies, etc, and missing the big picture play. Did you know Amazon has its own internal search engine as such called A9 which requires its own SEO? Therefore product page optimization is crucial for sales velocity. Succeeding on Amazon is about understanding business and how Amazon functions at its core and applying the right strategy to succeed. Amazon is easy when the plan is right. Wrong plan, wrong result. By all means, search the contents of all Amazon FBA courses on this platform.

Why the gaps? This is because they have never in reality grown or scaled a business properly on Amazon. Sure some may have had 6 figure sales, but what were the expenses and why did the business not grow to 7 figures? My businesses constantly grow because that was the plan. 

If the foundation of any house is not right, the building will fall, if the plan is not right, how do you move forward? The point here is simple, if you start on the wrong foot you will never grow your business to the full potential. Plan your business and product growth maps and your house will become an estate. The work effort will not change, but results will. The question is whether you want to spend time working on a process that will work or something that will limit your success.

Amazon FBA Course - Platform for Business Success

The success of any business is not simply down to its execution, it's down to the quality of the plan and its execution and understanding when to take corrective action. It is a fact and not a view, that most businesses fail not on execution but on planning. Wasting hours executing a plan will not work if the plan is not based on a solid strategy, planning, techniques, and experience.

My blueprint will ensure you are properly set up to avail of every opportunity on Amazon, fighting for scrapes is simply not the way to build a business, simply because you received bad advice starting off. Worksheets, videos, lessons, and case studies are all provided to literally walk you through the process and ensure you get the right advice and take the right actions.

Why You Should Take this Amazon FBA Course
If you can relate to any of these three statements, then this Amazon FBA course is the only course youll ever need an opportunity to take the success you deserve.

  • You already sell on Amazon and want to increase profits or expand your business

  • You want to create your first business and grow sales and scale

  • You want to take your business on to the Amazon platform

  • You wish to generate a full-time employment position where you can work from anywhere

  • You wish to create a passive income using Amazon FBA

The blueprint Im providing you will offer you the chance to make the right decision when starting your business and guarantee you the opportunity to create multiple revenue streams online and offline. You will set your Amazon FBA business up to dominate the marketplace, customers will love your business and you will have a following of screaming fans.

You will develop a rock-solid plan for your business, built with data and knowledge, and that the plan will succeed once it is executed. You will use tracking documents provided by this Amazon FBA course to identify goals, objectives, and tasks required to bring you to step by step through the process.

What's Included in the Amazon FBA Course

  • Proven step-by-step blueprint to build a successful Amazon FBA Business

  • Lessons from a mentor with a proven track record

  • 10+ hours of video content

  • Question and Answer opportunities with me personally

  • Dedicated action steps at the end of each phase

  • Templates to get you organized

  • Templates to evaluate options for suppliers, products, etc

  • Templates for planning goals, objectives and task management

  • Templates for process documenting

  • Real-world case studies

  • Winning product and sales optimization techniques

Your blueprint to a successful Amazon business contains the roadmap to bring you step-by-step from start to finish. Isn't it time you took the next step?

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