The ultimate guide to becoming a more engaging, effective and authentic presenter. Finding the Bespoke Presenter within.

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Welcome to the BESPOKE PRESENTING development program.

We define a Bespoke Presenter as someone who is confident, engaging and authentically unique in their delivery of presentations. The good news is that you have the potential to be a Bespoke Presenter!

Suitable for students, professionals and those looking to transform, this comprehensive learning program consists of over 35 'bite-sized', high-quality professional videos, with supporting descriptions text and activities.

The program consists of 10 integrated development modules designed to support you in becoming a Bespoke Presenter. You can work through the content at your own pace and there is a full 40 question self-assessments to enable effective learning reflection.

Enrolment within the program also includes access to compatible, user-centric learning resources including:

BESPOKE PRESENTING development guide (90 pages - full of integrated learning and development activities)
BESPOKE PRESENTING self-assessment (40 questions)
BESPOKE PRESENTING workshop resources - designed to help you deepen your learning experience

This is an award winning personal development program, brought to you by BESPOKE LEADERS to help you become a more authentic, effective and engaging presenter.  It is an absolute must in helping you to achieve both your personal and professional goals.

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