Bulletproof: A Guide to Catholic Apologetics (Lite)

Learning the foundations of the Catholic Faith

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Bulletproof: A Guide to Catholic Apologetics (Lite)

Free Courses : Bulletproof: A Guide to Catholic Apologetics (Lite)

This course is designed for people of the Catholic Faithwho would like a better understanding surrounding the beliefs and it'straditions. There is so much more to know about Catholism than what isgained by attending weekly Mass. Most Catholics can tell you what they believe but cant tell you why. This course will provide the answers to most questions using the Bible. We will first discuss Christianity and its beginnings. Thenfollow with the history of the Bible. After that,this coursewill take a deep dive into theBiblical Scripture that supportsCatholic teachings. With over two hours of lectures, students willgain a solid foundation in their beliefs.Afoundationthats necessarywhendefendingtheirfaith against those who are trying to find faults.

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