Complete Figma Megacourse: UI/UX Design Beginner to Expert

This course will be your personal guide for interface design using Figma! Go from the basics to working profesionally!

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Complete Figma Megacourse: UI/UX Design Beginner to Expert

Free Courses : Complete Figma Megacourse: UI/UX Design Beginner to Expert

Have you ever wanted to design your own app, website or blog? These days, we use them without a second thought. They have become an integral part of both the human experience and the financial market. Its easy to come up with a new idea for a viral new app, but not as easy to make that app a reality - or so you might think. Thats where Figma comes in. Figma is a free, collaborative UI/ UX design tool that can help you design a wide range of interfaces in great detail - and were here to teach you how.

In this course, youre going to learn everything about user interface design with Figma. Step-by-step, well cover everything you need to know from opening the program for the very first time to finalising your finished design. Youll learn all of the tools, as well as how and when to use them. Well also cover everything youll need to be able to collaborate with other web developers easily through its collaborative feature. During the course, you will learn about the principles of User Interface Design in order to design with purpose, as well as the principles of Human-Computer Interaction. Finally, well teach you how to adapt to specific project requirements, as well as how to wireframe in order to turn your design into a functional prototype.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Create prototypes and collaborate with web developers easily

  • Achieve an understanding of the process, purpose, and tools of prototype design

  • Understand the principles of User Interface Design in order to design with purpose

  • Learn the basics of Human-Computer Interaction

  • Discover the standard tools in User Interface

  • Adapt to specific project deliverables in User Interface

Start your UI/UX development journey with us!

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