A Simple Introduction to Micro-Philanthropy

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We often think of philanthropy (monetary giving for good) as an action reserved for large organizations and the retired/wealthy. It can be easy to feel like our efforts and money don't mean much when compared Bill Gates, United Way, or The American Red Cross.

In this course, we flip such thinking on its head and discover together how even a small percentage of a single paycheck can have a lasting impact on you and your sphere of influence. You will not be outsourcing your philanthropy (giving to an already established organization), no you will be experiencing it up close and personal.

You will learn:

  • A simple approach for setting aside your money for local impact

  • An approach to identifying a philanthropic need within your sphere of influence

  • A planning process to ensure your philanthropy project fulfills on your identified need

  • An execution model for making good on the project you set out to accomplish

You don't need to wait until you are retired or super wealthy to get involved with giving for good. In fact, the sooner the better! Philanthropy is a skillset. Mastery is built over a lifetime of small micro actions. These actions snowball into a world where everyone can experience the joy and fulfillment that comes when you give.

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